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    R2208GZ4GC with A2U44X25NVMEDK NVME upgrade kit only 1 nvme detected




      we have upgraded one of our R2208's with the NVME upgrade kit. Replaced Riser nr.2 with the included riser (2 slots) and used the (top) 16x slot for the nvme interface card.

      However we see only 1 out of 4 NVME's. The first one on the left is active (green LED), the other 3 show no led activity at all, not physically and not in bios/windows.

      Additional power connecter is connected. We are using Intel P3520. Any idea what can cause only 1 out of 4 drives being detected? Mainboard Bios is current.
      Could this be a lanes issue? As the server has all other slots full.