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    What are the max recommended (VCore) voltages for overclocking the latest i5/i7 generation processors? Stability and longetivity is the first.


      Hey Guys,


      I would like to ask about the maximum recommended voltages for overclocking K-CPUs. I have found this question

      i5 6600K Recommended Voltages Query (VCCIO/VCCSA/VCore) but an answear there is just that "automatic response" style with no real information granted as we already know

      a) Intel does not cover it with "Intel warranty"

      b) OC is not recommended by Intel at all,

      but lets get through this and get to the numbers, which vary from forum to forum and personally I had no luck finding this information anywhere on the the Intel website even I feel there was this information before (in datasheet or something...).


      Back in the days, it has been said to avoid higher voltages, than 1,3V on i5s and 1,35V on i7s. Has something changed? If so, how?

      As stated - I am interested in the voltages for every-day usage, not chasing the highest benchmark numbers.


      Personally, I am really interested in the numbers for a few of the latest generations - Haswell Refresh, Haswell-E, Skylake and Kaby Lake.


      Thank you, all, in an advance.

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