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    Re: X710-DA2 NVM update not working in recent Freebsd version




      I'm unable to easily get this information. It is working remote sever in the datacenter.

      I just want to pay attention that your nvmupdate64e application doesn't work correctly on recent FreeBSD versions.

      And this should not depend from serial number, application should print error message in case of unsupported vendor or device id,

      but it should not dump core with segmentation fault.

      Also, I want to note that nvmupdate64e does try to load nonexistent /boot/kernel/iqvfreebsd.ko kernel module. Maybe this is important.

      24115 kldload  NAMI  "/boot/kernel/iqvfreebsd.ko"

      24115 kldload  RET   kldload -1 errno 2 No such file or directory