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    A Question about Intel DCS3700's Enhanced Power-Loss data protection


      I have a question about DCS3700's Enhanced Power-Loss Data Protection:

      according to  Intel DCS3700 spec: Enhanced Power-Loss Data Protection will save all cached data in the process of being written before shutting down.

      So here is the question:

           Imagine this case , if host send several write cmd to ssd and ssd compelete some cmd with returning fis ok. In the process of one write cmd, the ssd shuts down without returning fis ok to the host.

          Note that all data of the acknowleged cmd and part of data of un-acknowleged cmd  are in the ssd's cache.

           The question is :   according to Enhanced Power-Loss Data Protection, if all cached data will be written to flash,  will s3700 make sure the un-acknowleged cmd data still valid?