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    intel hd graphics control panel not opening


      Hi guys,


      I really need help with an issue that has been ongoing for a month or so now, and I would like to reach out and make one final effort before I have to go off and pay someone some money to fix this (and probably have to re-install everything again for the 10th time).


      So I have a monitor connected and also a TV to my PC. It used to work fine, I could use intel HD graphics control panel to either extend to one monitor and duplicate to TV or a meriad of other options.


      I went away and now I came back and the PC does not pick anything up. I have reset, restored, totally renewed windows many times. I have changed the HDMI cable. I have installed and uninstalled drivers both old and new.


      Earlier today after a reset I turned on the tv and it worked, it was duplicating to the monitor, tv and PC. The control panel did not open but the image was on the TV, life was looking good. And then I started to try and use the basic display properties to try and make the image extend, and basically my PC went black and I only had image on my tv. I could only show image on my tv and if I removed the hdmi the PC would give me a crash screen. Anyway i digress...


      I then had to reset again and I decided to ignore it. I have tried this https://communities.intel.com/thread/52670?q=intel%20hd%20graphics%20control%20panel%20not%20opening  , with  no success and about another dozen other help sites and none have worked for me.


      This is the information I can provide.


      My PC works fine and did before I went away.

      Have monitor in 1 hdmi port and TV in the other.

      HD Intel Graphics 5600 Control panel does not open. (yes even going to open file location and clicking all the others in there does nothing)

      I also removed all 3rd party software to make sure that was not the problem.


      Please help me if you can. I will give this a month and then I will have to suck it up and pay some uber money to some uber geek to save my life, because seriously, how the hell am I supposed to watch Vikings!!!!!!!!!


      Thank you all!!