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    Crash on welcome screen with HDMI cable


      I have a W230SS notebook with i7-4700MQ CPU that has HD 4600 iGPU and GTX 860M dGPU, Windows 10 x64 installed.


      When I start the computer with HDMI cable connected (to an external monitor) the image will show fine while Windows loads, but on the welcome/login screen it will restart Intel graphics driver forever, eventually crashing the whole Windows (BSOD). If I start with the cable unplugged (or if I unplug it while the driver restarts, but haven't crashed Windows yet), and wait a while until it "stabilizes", I can plug the HDMI cable and the system will work normally. Without Intel drivers installed (any version - either from Windows Update or recent ones from Intel direct), there is no crash. Can this be fixed somehow, so I wouldn't have to remember each time to unplug the HDMI cable when starting computer? It will wear out the port eventually. Previously I used VGA output, but my new monitor doesn't have VGA in.