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      • 210. Re: Intel SSD 530 startup problems - Bug in SSD?

        Hello maddave27,


        If the computer does not support the features of the Intel® SSD 530 Series, it may not be possible to make it work correctly in your system. It is always advised to check with the computer manufacturer about compatibility with newer 3rd party devices.


        In previous posts, you can find details of the actions that solved this issue for some users, which include the following:


        - BIOS update and SSD firmware update.


        - Set the storage controller from AHCI to IDE mode.


        - If using a monitor connected to a DP connector, try using a HDMI, DVi or VGA connection and check if the issue is solved.

        • 211. Re: Intel SSD 530 startup problems - Bug in SSD?

          As i wrote in my previous post, BIOS is already up to date. The SSD firmware too.

          Since the laptop didn't have a SATA port originally, the storage controller is stuck on IDE (that's why I had to use a IDE zif to mSATA adaptor).

          I tried with setting up the BIOS in Fast boot mode and Thorough mode but it's not helping

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            In this case you should contact the system manufacturer to check for hard drives supported in your system.


            The Intel® SSD 530 was designed to be used in current systems that support its power saving features. A system that does not have native support for mSATA (or standard SATA) is less likely to be compatible with the drive.

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              You can get it working by booting the FUT (firmware update tool) ISO from a USB drive (use rufus to create the boot USB).


              Unplug power to the drive then replug once the FUT has loaded - it will then show in the FUT.


              Click shutdown and OK, then start hitting ctrl alt del like crazy so it soft resets instead of shutting down, and your BIOS will pick up the drive and boot.


              Given this workaround works (showing the BIOS is capable of recognising the drive when it's in the correct state) it's surprising Intel is burying it's head in the sand over this, I think I might start contacting media outlets about this, Engadget would be keen to report on this I'm sure.

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                Hi Ken-Intel,

                I'm having the exact same issue as aemes described, a pro-1500 series SSD working on X220T with reboot problem.

                My firmware version is LADi and the upgrade tools I found from both Lenovo and Intel website are all saying I have the latest firmware

                would you please advise how to solve the problem?



                • 215. Re: Intel SSD 530 startup problems - Bug in SSD?

                  Good morning!


                  i'm from Tunisia and i need some help, please. (Don't find support here) for a Intel product (Intel SSD 530 Serie 240Go)


                  When i cold-start my computer or I restart it from within a freshly installed windows-7 (I try also Win 10), the drive is not found, (the ssd not detected by the Bios)


                  If i turn off the computer and start it again, the drive is found and boots up again as usual. So the drive fails after reset.


                  Sometime, and without cause the pc freeze (5-10 second).


                  I have upgraded the firmware of the SSD to the latest version via the SSD toolbox but still no luck.



                  Os: Win7 64bit sp1 (More problemes with win 10, "catastrophic result")

                  Intel SSD 530 Serie 240Go (M) (Latest pilot with Intel drive update utility/ and Intel solid state drive toolbox)

                  Mother board: ASUS z170 GAMING/ Aura.

                  Chipset: Intel 100 Serie/C230 Chipset family sata AHCI controller.

                  Processor: Intel CORE I7-6700 CPU.

                  GPU: Asus strix GTX 1070.

                  Bios latest version update from the official site Asus (Asus support said that the are no probléme of compatibilitie between this new génération of mother board and the intel SSD).


                  Any ideas on what to do? thank you...(Sorry for my spelling mistakes)

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