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    rma not working guys - I have an problem with one of the cpu cores on my i5 4670k


      Hi, first of all sorry about my english, i'm brasilian.

      And I'm new to the forums too, sorry if I made mistakes.




      I have this problem where my cpu was working fine by a long time, then one day i get instabilities on my win7, ok, so i give it an restart to see if helps, but then on win7 loading screen it crashes and reboot. So, after checking every part of my pc I had an idea to start with one core enabled, to my surprise win7 boots finally.


      After testing I discovered that one core is damaged or dont work, I tried on other motherboard from a guy I knew, and same problem. But the thing is, the intel rma phone and chat is not working, i've been trying for some days now, how I start the rma, guys?


      PC specs:

      Core i5 4670k

      Asus Maximus VI impact

      16GBx2 Kingston Genesis 1866MHz Cas9 1.5v

      Corsair 450w



      Thanks in advance