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    Fresh Quark Board Bring-Up Issue


      Hello everyone;


      We have developed our custom board Based on Intel Quark x1000 Processor which is almost similar to Galileo rev 2 board except the RAM SIZE is 512MB(256MB+256MB).

      We have loaded the Debug enabled "Flash+PlatformData.bin" into LSPI Flash.  Flash+PlatformData.bin file was generated using the UDK2014.SPI source code.


      Board boot up Process will stuck at the DXE Process as per Below logs.


      Please Help us to solve the Issue as soon as possible.



      Debug Log:


      Platform Data Item List in System Area:

              Quark Data Id:Len = 0x0001:0x0002 Desc = PlatformID Ver=0000

              Quark Data Id:Len = 0x0006:0x0027 Desc = MrcParams Ver=0001

              Quark Data Id:Len = 0x0003:0x0006 Desc = 1st MAC Ver=0000

              Quark Data Id:Len = 0x0004:0x0006 Desc = 2nd MAC Ver=0000

      Early Platform Thermal Sensor Init

      Ioh MAC [B:0, D:20, F:6] VER:1037 ADDR:20-00-00-00-00-00

      Ioh MAC [B:0, D:20, F:7] VER:1037 ADDR:20-00-00-00-00-00

      Install PPI: 7408D748-FC8C-4EE6-9288-C4BEC092A410

      Notify: PPI Guid: 7408D748-FC8C-4EE6-9288-C4BEC092A410, Peim notify entry point: 80015981

      Reinstall PPI: 6F8C2B35-FEF4-448D-8256-E11B19D61077

      Install PPI: F34C2FA0-DE88-4270-8414-961222F4521C

      Flash Map PEIM Loaded

      MRC Entry

      MRC McFuseStat 0x00000429 : fus_dun_ecc_dis

      MRC dram_width 0 rank_enables 1 ddr_speed 0

      MRC flags: SCRAMBLE_EN

      MRC density=2 tCL=6 tRAS=37500 tWTR=10000 tRRD=10000 tFAW=40000

      MRC Version 0112 Nov 28 2016 10:21:08

      Meminit build Nov 28 2016 10:21:07

      POST: 0x100

      POST: 0x101

      POST: 0x200

      POST: 0x200

      POST: 0x103

      POST: 0x104

      POST: 0x300

      POST: 0x300

      POST: 0x310

      POST: 0x311

      POST: 0x312

      POST: 0x313

      POST: 0x314

      POST: 0x400

      POST: 0x400

      POST: 0x105

      POST: 0x106

      POST: 0x500

      POST: 0x500

      POST: 0x510

      POST: 0x600

      POST: 0x600

      POST: 0x610

      POST: 0x630

      POST: 0x120

      POST: 0x700

      POST: 0x700

      POST: 0x710

      POST: 0x711

      POST: 0x712

      POST: 0x713

      POST: 0x720

      RDQS T/B eye rank0 lane0 : 8-52 13-48

      VREF R/L eye lane0 : 0-63 0-63

      RDQS T/B eye rank0 lane1 : 5-55 9-50

      VREF R/L eye lane1 : 0-63 0-63

      POST: 0x740

      POST: 0x800

      POST: 0x800

      POST: 0x810

      POST: 0x811

      WDQ eye rank0 lane0 : 234-287

      WDQ eye rank0 lane1 : 243-297

      POST: 0x10B

      POST: 0x10C

      POST: 0x10D

      POST: 0x10E

      POST: 0x110

      POST: 0x111

      POST: 0x112

      POST: 0x113


      Memory test result 0

      POST: 0x114



      ALGO[CH:RK] BL0 BL1 BL2 BL3


      RCVN[00:00] 463 464

      WDQS[00:00] 294 301

      WDQx[00:00] 260 270

      RDQS[00:00] 030 029

      VREF[00:00] 031 031

      WCMD[00:00] 222 222

      WCTL[00:00] 222 222

      WCLK[00:00] 158 158


      POST: 0x1FF


      Index 0, Page: 32

      Index 1, Page: 3328

      Index 2, Page: 96

      Index 3, Page: 96

      Index 4, Page: 64

      Found 0xA0000 bytes at 0x0.

      Found 0x60000 bytes at 0xA0000.

      Found 0x1FCF0000 bytes at 0x100000.

      Found 0x200000 bytes at 0x1FE00000.

      Found 0x10000 bytes at 0x1FDF0000.

      RedirectMemoryServicesSetPool Base:Size 0x00100000:0x1BED0000

      PeiInstallPeiMemory MemoryBegin 0x1BFD0000, MemoryLength 0x2FE0000

      RmuMain Base Address : 0x1FDF0000

      Found Microcode ADDR:SIZE 0x80000514:0x2000


      CpuData.CpuAddressWidth : 32

      IIO[0] busbase = 0 Limit=FF

      IIO[0] IoBase = 2000 IoLimit=FFFF

      IIO[0] IoApicBase = FEC00000 IoApicLimit=FEC00FFF

      IIO[0] Mem32Base = 90000000 Mem32Limit=AFFFFFFF

      IIO[0] RcbaAddress=FED1C000

      MemoryInit Complete.

      Early PCIe controller initialisation

      Platform Erratas After MRC

      Register PPI Notify: F894643D-C449-42D1-8EA8-85BDD8C65BDE

      Platform Erratas After MRC0

      Temp Stack : BaseAddress=0x8007C000 Length=0x4000

      Temp Heap  : BaseAddress=0x80078000 Length=0x1608

      Total temporary memory:    32768 bytes.

        temporary memory stack ever used: 16384 bytes.

        temporary memory heap used:       5640 bytes.

      Old Stack size 16384, New stack size 131072

      Stack Hob: BaseAddress=0x1BFD0000 Length=0x20000

      Heap Offset = 0x64088000 Stack Offset = 0x64090000

      Loading PEIM at 0x0001EFA4150 EntryPoint=0x0001EFA4240



      Reinstall PPI: 8C8CE578-8A3D-4F1C-9935-896185C32DD3

      Reinstall PPI: 5473C07A-3DCB-4DCA-BD6F-1E9689E7349A

      Reinstall PPI: B9E0ABFE-5979-4914-977F-6DEE78C278A6


      Install PPI: F894643D-C449-42D1-8EA8-85BDD8C65BDE

      Notify: PPI Guid: F894643D-C449-42D1-8EA8-85BDD8C65BDE, Peim notify entry point: 8002707D

      Platform PEIM Memory Callback

      Install PPI: EF398D58-9DFD-4103-BF94-78C6F4FE712F

      Install PPI: 1F4C6F90-B06B-48D8-A201-BAE5F1CD7D56

      Install PPI: 49EDB1C1-BF21-4761-BB12-EB0031AABB39

      Notify: PPI Guid: 49EDB1C1-BF21-4761-BB12-EB0031AABB39, Peim notify entry point: 8000594B

      The 1th FV start address is 0x0001EE83400, size is 0x00120000, handle is 0x1EE83400

      Found firmware volume Image File 1EE83448 in FV[1] 1EE83400

      Notify: PPI Guid: 49EDB1C1-BF21-4761-BB12-EB0031AABB39, Peim notify entry point: 80027CDA

      PeiSecurityVerifyFv - CurrentFvAddress=0x1EE83400

      CpuAddressWidth: 32

      Loading PEIM at 0x0001EE81150 EntryPoint=0x0001EE81240



      Install PPI: 268F33A9-CCCD-48BE-8817-86053AC32ED6

      SMM Base:Size 1FE00000:00200000

      Loading PEIM at 0x0001EE80150 EntryPoint=0x0001EE80240


      Install PPI: 61C68702-4D7E-4F43-8DEF-A74305CE74C5

      Loading PEIM at 0x0001EE7A150 EntryPoint=0x0001EE7A240


      Install PPI: EE4E5898-3914-4259-9D6E-DC7BD79403CF

      Install PPI: A31280AD-481E-41B6-95E8-127F4C984779

      Install PPI: 0AE8CE5D-E448-4437-A8D7-EBF5F194F731

      Install PPI: 1A36E4E7-FAB6-476A-8E75-695A0576FDD7

      Loading PEIM at 0x0001EE78150 EntryPoint=0x0001EE78240


      Loading PEIM at 0x0001EE72150 EntryPoint=0x0001EE72240


      Install PPI: 6D582DBC-DB85-4514-8FCC-5ADF6227B147

      Customized Guided section Memory Size required is 0x24C010 and address is 0x1EC20000

      Extract guided section Failed - Invalid Parameter

      Customized Guided section Memory Size required is 0x24C010 and address is 0x1E9CE000

      Extract guided section Failed - Invalid Parameter

      DXE IPL Entry



      Thanks in advance.