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    Is there any word that I said is wrong?

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      But I have something to figure out which I could not go agree with you, especially for terms, such as 32-bit x86 and 64-bit x86. As is known to all or to some, x86 is mostly used to represent the 32-bit IBM PC architecture (IA-32 architecture or the architecture of x86). And people also extend its usage towards to the processors based on the x86-64 architecture. So in my own opinion, x86 is not a term of architecture, but a term of sort of common things. So there would be nothing like 32-bit x86 or 64-bit x86. x86-64, AMD64 or Intel 64 is an 64-bit architecture which takes and keeps the original IA-32 architecture alongside with its native one. The legacy 32-bit architecture is kept in its original taste, so in other words, from some aspects, this 64-bit architecture is another one rather than the purely 64-bitlised of IA-32 or x86, so one could not say something so easily like 64-bit x86 is x86-64!The inventor of IA-32/x86 is Intel, but the inventor of x86-64 is the AMD and/or DEC Alpha group, so they both have different motivations and different believes. So AMD64 does not break the original 32-bit architecture, keeping it in its original style and sealing it onto the Legacy Mode. So one could not so easily make such irresponsible decision like 64-bit x86 is x86-64! At least, there are no words from Intel or AMD, to say something like that! --- Aaron Janagewen


      Is there any word that I said on Wikipedia.org is wrong?