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    Custom image not updating when flashing image to Edison


      Hi guys,


      I am running into some issues when trying to flash a custom image to the Edison. I have build an image from source and then customised it by adding a standard package as described here: IoT - Creating Custom Intel® Edison Images | Intel® Software


      IMAGE_INSTALL += "zip"


      This is the only change I have made to the standard package. I was previously able to flash the device using the board configuration tool for Mac when it was the standard build but when I try with this as the only change I get the following message:



      Uh-oh! Your Intel® Edison image did not update. This is likely because the Intel® Edison did not reconnect properly. You’ll need to download the newer firmware and manually update the Intel® Edison board.

        Detailed instructions available at https://software.intel.com/en-us/flashing-your-firmware-edison



      I am able to use the flashall.sh from the command line and this completes without errors however neither method seems to result in the standard image being updated (in this case I desire and expect the zip tool to be installed but it isnt on the device after the flashall.sh script completes and the device reboots). I checked the package list in the toFlash folder and zip 3.0-r2 is in the list of packages (and is missing from the same list in the standard image) but for some reason the image doesnt seem to be updating.


      Do I need to change some version number of the image for the device to update (does it think it is already up to date?).


      Any thoughts?


      Many thanks,