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    Sound through HDMI trouble


      All-most every time  every Windows10's sound (music, system sounds) plays not fully. My friends also have the same problem.


      I mean that i.e. if I get a notification  I can hear only [-um] instead of [tu-lu-lu-lum].

      I have tried to install different drivers and even reinstall Windows - nothing helps.
      And when I wake my PC up from Sleep, there are no sound (red X near the icon in task bar), so I have to restart Windows.

      If you speak Russian: все звуки (музыка, системные и любые другие) воспроизводятся не сначала. Аля вместо "ту-лу-лу-лум" при уведомлении звучит только "-ум". А после выхода из сна устройство воспроизведения - монитор с динамиками - перестаёт определяться, помогает перезагрузка.


      Windows 10 Anniversary Update (many builds)

      Monitor: Dell S2316H
      MB: MSI B150 PC Mate (Core i7 6700, Intel HD 530)

      The cables, monitor have been tested.


      Sorry for my English and thanks for your answers.