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    When to use J2 and its connected battery




      With Edison and the Arduino board, not the mini breakout board, I have successfully blinked LEDs, used an LCD display and PIR, etc.


      Staring at the board I see a J2 header next to the Edison Compute Module and wondered what it was used for. I subsequently found the following:




      "BATT (J2): The BATT header allows attaching a Li-Ion battery for those low power applications. Make sure the battery is attached with the correct polarity."


      This doesn't say if that is enough to power the Edison Compute Module AND the Arduino board. I.e. not need power via the J16 USB port or the J1 Barrel Jack.





      "Powering the Arduino Expansion Board using a Li-ion battery plugged to J2 will power only the compute module"


      This says J2 is only for the Edison Compute Module.





      "For low power applications (those shields running off 3.3 V) a lithium ion battery (3.0 to 4.3 Vmax) can be attached to J2, which will power the Intel® Edison kit for Arduino and provide 100 mA of 3.3 V to the shield."


      And this seems to say that J2 will power the Compute Module AND the Arduino board, i.e. the Edison Kit for Arduino.



      Question: When do you folks think J2 can or should be used and is any other power required via J1 for example.