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    Do any Intel integrated graphics support MPEG4 Copy-once video?


      I am trying to get clarity the current status on MPEG4 copy-once video over HDCP (i.e. cable TV video in Windows Media Center) with Intel integrated graphics. My research on this forum and elsewhere suggests there has been no support for my htpc's current i5-4690s processor. Is this still the case or do current drivers support MPEG4 copy-once? With Windows 7 or Windows 10?


      If not, do any of the latest generations of integrated graphics now support MPEG4 copy-once video over HDCP? If so, which ones? As MPEG4 copy-once is coming my way I need to figure out what upgrades I can make to support it: a new mobo/processor with working integrated graphics is preferable to adding a video card, as my sound card takes up both slots in my fanless htpc. 


      Thank you.

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