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    issue with intel graphics 530.screen goes blank and then comes back


      im having an issue with intel graphics where my screen will randomly go blank and come back.this happens at very random times and ive tried everything to fix it with no success.it will happen very radnomly.my screen will go blank for like 1 second and then comes back.i confrimed its not a monitor problem and i tried a diffrent display port still no success.the blank screen is very random


      i tried


      uninstalling intel drivers and reinstalling them


      rolling back to older drivers


      installing latest drivers


      uninstalling win10 and rolling back to 8.1(clean disk wipe)


      clearing cmos#resettig bios settings.


      i tried everything and im still having this issue.i also had my screen randomly go blnk while in the bios but pc still running.if anyone can assist me on this i will be grateful.


      msi z170a gamming m7


      i5 6600k


      8gb ddr4 2133mhz ram


      850w corsair rmi psw