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    Sens&avoid System


      Hi guys,


      As we will need a sens&avoid system to integrate and do some tests with one of our drones, I purchased a Yuneec Typhoon H pro drone recently to study the Intel sens and avoid system, I would like to know if the Intel® Aero Compute Board deliver the same sens&avoid functionality as the Typhoon H Pro deliver by purchasing this board?


      Also, i would like to know if it's possible to integrate 6 Intel® Aero Vision Accessory Kit in order to cover all sides of the drone(360 degrees)?



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          Hi Mathieu,


          Let us just confirm this information and we will let you know soon. Thank you for your patience.




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            Intel Corporation
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            Hi Mathieu,

            Thank you very much for your patience on this!
            Yuneec's Typhoon H with Intel Real Sense uses the same R200 camera and Atom processor as with Aero. But the algorithm they have implemented is proprietary. We plan to provide rudimentary obstacle sensing and avoid sample code for developers using Aero to show the basics of how depth sensing can affect flight navigation.
            I hope this answers your question.