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    2nd Gen SR300 Does NOT Install properly


      I am having trouble installing brand new SR300 on Windows 10 Anni Update on NUK6i7kyk with 32 gb ram.


      1) Msft camera errors with:


      2) Gotomeeting shows this:



      If SR300 depth is used, however, it works if RGB camera is selected.


      3) I had to install the creative labs driver package as the intel driver and sdk do not install properly.  The intel driver terminates with an error 1603.


      4) When I reboot there is an unknown driver in device manager.


      5) according to the notes on the creative website, 3 intel imaging devices should be installed, the RGB camera, the depth camera and a "virtual camera". The Intel realsense camera sr300 virtual camera does NOT install.


      Has anyone been able to load and run the intel package and sdk?


      Please help.