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    VPN connection on Edison board


      Hi all,

                I'm using meta-intel-edison - Layer for the Intel Edison Development Platform  image on my intel edison arduino expansion board,I'm trying to connect my edison by VPN. I have tried two methods ,they are


      How can I setup a VPN in my edison board?

      I'm unable to connect to vpn as there is no script loading into vpn-script after ./configure and I'm getting the error as mentioned in the link https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=348318

      POST www.google.com

      Attempting to connect to server

      SSL negotiation with dept-ra-cssc.vpn.wisc.edu

      Server certificate verify failed: signer not found

      SSL connection failure: Error in the certificate.

      Failed to open HTTPS connection to dept-ra-cssc.vpn.google.com


      I'm tried the same open connect command by no-certi-check but it is not working.




      I got a doubt whether it works for my image or not.I'm using the image meta-intel-edison - Layer for the Intel Edison Development Platform .I followed the same process as mentioned in the link,the error I'm getting is in the below image


      Can you please suggest me the steps to connect the edison to VPN.Please do needful.Hope the answer is helpful.


      Thanks and Regards,