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    Ubuntu 16.0.4 for Edison (Wireless/MMC/SD-Card Enabled Mainline) is available for download!


      Download here



      (1) Current Kernel is 4.8RC4 Mainline supporting the following:-

      Wireless, External SD-Card, Internal MMC, SPI/I2C


      (2) Working-in-progress (streamline):-

      SPI/DMA, PWM and intel_idle


      (3) Not-yet-started/Unknown:-

      No Audio, no BT, no PSH - Platform Service Hub aka Quark MCU, SST - Smart Sound Technology for now


      (5) Mainline support with device-tree will officially begin from Kernel 4.9


      (6) Login as root/password

      Please edit /etc/network/interfaces and include your ssid and password within double quotes.

      wpa-ssid "ssid"

      wpa-psk "password"

      Ap mode is also supported for Ubuntu


      (7) Credits to Andy Shevchenko for all the current and future work. His handle in lntel communities is 0andriy