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    Intel HD Graphics 4600, pixelation and possible artifacts?




      As of yesterday my computer exploded into a flurry of pixels, screen tears, and artifacts all the sudden at random while I was using it.

      A week previously or so it went into a series of blue screening that with the Dxlkrnl_Fatal_Error, but it was able to update and fix the issue. Since then, my intel graphics card is doing this.

      What made me suspicious at first that this was a driver error and not a hardware issue is that the picture of the Sager symbol when it is booting up is not affected by these artifacts.


      What I have done:


      Currently I have mitigated the situation slightly by disabling my Intel Graphics Driver and that seems to alleviate some of the issue AKA: No pixeling, but also not using my intel graphics card.

      However, when I uninstall the driver entirely and reboot back up, it works perfectly fine with the windows display adapter, then it will update and put the intel driver back on, and it explodes again.

      I also tried a soft reformat of my system through windows 10 where I formatted it while keeping the files.



      What could be the possible culprit? Is this a hardware issue or a software issue? I really don't want to have to entirely format my computer if avoidable.