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    STK1AW32SC poor streaming performance twitch.tv


      I am using a usb 3.0 gigabit Ethernet adapter, 1080 Samsung smart tv, and the streaming performance is poor at best.  I have to use either medium or low quality to get streaming without major stuttering, but even at those resolutions I turn to other devices to get higher quality.  I bought this for an easier way to watch streaming media and the one used most is twitch.  Is there any thing I can do to try to up the performance so I would be able to use high or source quality for the streams?  I have tried a few different browsers edge, chrome, and another I cannot remember the name of right now.  All have the same results for them for streaming.  I have tried updating the drivers, but not sure what else I could try to get better performance out of the compute stick for streaming.


      Thank you