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    i7 6700k (stock) high temps? Please help me


      Well i've been testing my cpu by playing some games. I played Witcher 3, Need for Speed (2015) and Crysis 3. I was playing everything on ultra/max settings but at 1366x768 resolution cause of my monitor. I haven't used Vsync.


      My rig is a: i7 6700k,

                        Titan HATI (CPU Cooler),

                         Asus Z170 Pro Gaming,

                        R9 390x,

                        XFX XTR 750W PSU,

                        1 TB HDD.


      Also, i have 2 intake case fans and 2 exaust case fans.


      My temps while playing were:


      Witcher 3: max 64, avg  55

      Crysis 3: max 69, avg 60-64

      Need for speed: max 65, avg 55-57


      Then i tested it with Heavy Load for 5 minutes. At 100% the avg temp was 58.