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    about PMEP(Persistent Memory Emulator Platform)


      I am studying in Kookmin University Computer science(network system laboratory) in Seoul,Korea.

      I read paper (System Software for Persistent Memory,Intel Labs,Intel Corp) that used PM Emulation Platform(PMEP).

      it had this content.

      PM Emulator System-level evaluation of PM software is

      challenging due to lack of real hardware. Publicly available

      simulators are either too slow and difficult to use with large

      workloads [36] or too simplistic and unable to model the

      effects of cache evictions, speculative execution, memorylevel

      parallelism and prefetching in the CPU [10]. To enable

      the performance study of PM software for a range of latency

      and bandwidth points interesting to the emerging NVM technologies,

      we built a PM performance emulator: PM Emulation

      Platform (PMEP).

      PMEP partitions the available DRAM memory into emulated

      PM and regular volatile memory, emulates configurable

      latencies and bandwidth for the PM range, allows

      configuring pm wbarrier latency (default 100ns), and emulates

      the optimized clflush operation.

      PMEP is implemented on a dual-socket Intel R Xeon R

      processor-based platform, using special CPU microcode and

      custom platform firmware. Each processor runs at 2.6GHz,

      has 8 cores, and supports up to 4 DDR3 Channels (with up to

      2 DIMMs per Channel). The custom BIOS partitions available

      memory such that channels 2-3 of each processor are

      hidden from the OS and reserved for emulated PM. Channels

      0-1 are used for regular DRAM. NUMA is disabled for PM

      channels to ensure uniform access latencies. Unless specified

      otherwise, PMEP has 16GB DRAM and 256GB PM, for

      a 1:8 capacity ratio. Next we describe the details of PMEP



      I want to know pmep which is software or hardware.
      And I want to use pmep to study nonvolatile memory.
      How can i get pmep and pmep manual?

      I attached this paper in mail.

      Please see the attached file.

      Thank you!!


      I hope to get your reply soon. thank you