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    LGA 1150 Socket Pins Bent, Need Input.


      Hello, 2 of the pins on my motherboard are bent, I can boot-up the system fine but I am curious as to what those pins do and whether I should leave them as they are or attempt to straighten them. Could someone please provide (Z97) Socket 1150 Motherboard/Processor Pin Diagram so I can have a look and decide what to do next? Thanks! I am using core i7 4790K CPU.


      Edit: Alright Guys I found the data spec-sheet on intel's website and after carefully analyzing I figured out the broken pins function:


      1) E8 - VSS (Ground Node)

      2) K8 - RSVD_TP (Reserved Test Point)


      The second pin is shorting another pin:

      K9 - FC_K9 (Future Compatibility)


      Now I would like to ask should I attempt repairing this with a needle? Or just let it be the way it is? The computer seems to work just fine but I'd like some input from an experienced personnel so that I can have some merit behind either choice.