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    NUC5CPYH (Celeron N3050) Audio Jack Issues




      I have found a critical problem which requires the tech support urgent attention.


      I have purchased over 100 units of the older NUC model. Although I am not very satisfied with it, it more or less did the job for me.


      Since there is no way to purchase the older model any more I am left with no choice but to work with the new Celeron model (NUC5CPYH)


      The problem is that at times, the OS (both Win 8.1 Home 64 bit and Win 10 Home 64 bit) would discard the Speakers in playback devices and it show the Speakers device as not plugged in / disconnected.. although that's not the case at all.


      The problem occurred in multiple NUC5CPYH units, I would say in about 8 units out of 10 I tried, so it is most likely not a faulty unit but a general problem with this model regarding SW/HW or what ever..


      It would show me Realtek Digital Output as default/active device, which is false. There is no conflict with the HDMI audio because there is no HDMI connection (or, at time there was HDMI dummy connected, but the same thing happened when there was no dummy at all)


      After hours or days of working properly, the speakers playback device would disappear and nothing would bring it back (enable/disable the playback device and/or re-insert the audio 3.5mm audio cable) unless I do a Windows restart!! After a restart it would continue to work properly, until the next time..


      I have tried everything I can think of to try and solve this problem myself:

      • I've made sure I have all the latest drivers, including the BIOS version and the Realtek audio, all from the relevant NUC driver page. The latest BIOS version that was tested with this issue was 0053 and the problem still persisted. I have just noticed today that there is a new BIOS version 0054 but in the release details there is no mention of the problem, so I guess it would not do much help in that regard. Latest Realtek Audio driver that was tested was


      • I have tried in most cases connecting the audio output from the rear output (which is also optical).. but I have also tried the same thing from the front and it was the same.


      • I also tried some workarounds, I have tried to alter the Realtek 'advanced device settings' so that the front and rear audio jacks would wort simult. also tried to disable auto pop up.. but that also didn't help.


      • I thought perhaps it's about a messed up connection sensor so I went ahead and disabled in the registry editor the EnableDynamicDevices to zero so that the sensor would be disabled, but that did not help solve the problem.


      Please see screenshot attached.

      audio issue nuc5cpyh_2.png

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          **UPDATE: I have upgraded the bios to version 0054 yesterday, and this issue occurred although updating to the latest version of bios.


          Intel please help.



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            I searched the forums and found the issue being reported by another user here




            He's using the same audio output as me (optical / audio jack out)


            It seems to me that this issue is not very popular because in most cases people would use the HDMI output for the audio as well.


            In my case the audio source is exported via the audio jack output.



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              Hi Orange109,

              Firstly, sorry for the delay. Please be informed that we are trying to reproduce the audio drop issue but unable to get it to fail. We have tried on 4 NUC with Windows 10 and windows 8.1 running the tests below for more than 48 hours continuously, on each unit


              Continuous playback of

              1. mp3 file using windows media player

              2. mp4 file using windows media player

              3. HD content


              Can you share your system configuration(memory, hard drive and other peripheral) including the version for all the drivers installed to help us with the investigation? Besides this can you also try to test the NUC after removing wireless keyboard/mouse if any and use wired device. Please let us know the outcome.



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                Intel Corporation
                This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                Hello, orange109:


                I sincerely apologize for the delay.


                I have also been running some tests based on your description but unfortunately I have not been able to replicate it, please provided us with your system configuration in order to continue with further investigation. You can use the  Download Intel® System Support Utility to get your system configuration.




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                  I'm sorry for the delayed response.


                  I'm using an SSD by Kingston, model SV300S37A 120GB and 4GB of ram, also Kingston KVR16LS11 (1600Mhz DR3L Mom-ECC CL11 SODIMM 1.35V)


                  All of these stations does not have any mouse/keyboard/monitor attached to them.


                  When using the NUC5CPYH with Win 8.1 there was no dummy/emulator connected to it. When using Win 10 more lately, I used an HDMI dummy .


                  (The fact that I need to use a dummy is very sad but that's another story)


                  I am using the stations headless (from time to time I'm using UltraVNC/Teamviewer to control the stations). I'm 80% sure I caught this issue with a monitor attached at least once.



                  Another important information (while using Win 10):

                  I recently thought of a workaround (until the problem would be solved by Intel) and purchased multiple USB soundcards called Juke by ROCCAT.

                  I thought this would surely be a successful workaround until the audio jack issue would be resolved but I've noticed just 2 days ago that in one NUC5CPYH station that was running and playing music via the usb soundcard (as the default playback device) the playback device still disappeared and the only thing available was the Realtek Digital Output as default/active device, which again, is false!!

                  I think this could be an important piece of information on your way to resolve this. It seams that for some faulty BIOS/driver issue, all playback devices would be paralyzed besides the Realtek Digital Output. As oppose to the audio jack scenario where I would have to restart Win OS in order to bring the audio jack output back to life, in the USB soundcard scenario, I first tried to pull out the USB then plug it back in and it came back to life without a restart of the OS.


                  While using Win 8.1:

                  Initially when the models came out, I purchased both NUC5CPYH (Celeron) and NUC5PPYH (Pentium) models in order to test both and compare performance. I first witnessed this issue with the NUC5PPYH Pentium model!! Those 2 models seems to be twins, besides the CPU difference. So, this problem actually exists in both NUC5CPYH (Celeron) and NUC5PPYH (Pentium)


                  As to what you wrote "We have tried on 4 NUC with Windows 10 and windows 8.1 running the tests below for more than 48 hours continuously".. unfortunately, this issue is happening on a very random manner.. there could be several days when this issue would not occur and on another case, this could happen twice in 2 days. So, more time is needed in order to surely witness this problem occurs.


                  Please address this info and reply back.



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                    I hope my latest message delivers all the missing info you need.



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                      As for the drivers installed:


                      nuc drivers screenshot.png

                      I'v also used older drivers when working with Win 8.1 months ago, but do not have a record of the versions used. Just to point out that it happened on both older and current driver versions.

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                        Hi Orange109,

                        Thank you for your detail explanation about the failure and trouble shooting steps. We're still unable to duplicate the failure. We'll setup a headless system with UltraVNC/Teamviewer an check if this configuration can accelerate the failure occurrence.



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                          A User called rguevara send me a pm on July 1st:


                          "Hi Shiran Tal,

                          I work for Intel Customer Support and we have been trying to duplicate this issue with no success and we would like to take a closer look at the unit.
                          Would be you okay in having this unit replaced? If yes, where are you located at?

                          Ronny G"


                          Although I replied to him a couple of times about wanting to send over the unit, he hasn't replied back since.
                          Could someone from Intel Customer Suppoer contact me privately so we could push this forward and I could send over a unit or 2?
                          Please this is an urgent matter.
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                            Hi orange109,


                            I am sorry that I didnt reply back earlier, I was away from from my PC and it is difficult to duplicate this kind of issues, I am really sorry about that.

                            I just sent you a Private Message.



                            Ronny G

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                              Hello everyone,


                              We are still working on this issue and if you are willing to try a workaround, here is a suggestion:


                              1. Go to "C:\Windows\System32\Drivers"

                              2. Add (copy/paste) the file "rtkhdaud.dat" in above stated location. The file is attached to this post.

                              3. Restart the system.

                              4. Verify if the failure happens.


                              Please provide me with your feedback.



                              Ronny G

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                                Hi everyone,


                                Just checking if there is any update related to my latest recommendation, were you able to try that?



                                Ronny G

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                                  I havent heard any update in regards to the workaround I recommended a while ago.

                                  I am assuming the issue is resolved, please unmark as Assumed Answered if that is not the case.



                                  Ronny G