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    Intel PCIe NVMe SSD stops powering after reboot


      Hi Support,


      I have recently purchased a Intel PCIe NVMe SSD 400GB drive.


      It works until reboot then stops being detected by the Mobo. The lights on the unit also don't turn on.


      I have updated the firmware to the latest, removed all USB drives and ensured its in a PCIe x4 slot.


      I have to remove and re-seat the unit to get it to work again. (I'm guessing residual power?)


      The Mobo also has the latest drivers.


      My system is as follows. Hope you can help, thanks!


      Intel i7-3770

      Asus P8Z77-V Pro

      32GB DDR3 RAM

      Nvidia GTX 1080


      For troubleshooting I have disconnected all other drive.

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