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    Galactic Civilization 3 Crash with Intel 6th Generation 5xx Drivers


      I have tried to play Stardock's Galactic Civilization 3 on both my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (i7-6650U-Intel Iris 540) and a Dell Inspiron 13 (i7-6500U-Intel 520) and the game crashes on load. Both computers have the latest OEM drivers respectively. I have talked with Stardock and they claim it is a bug with the latest Intel drivers and the only resolution is to roll back to the 12/2015 drivers. While I have verified that the game will work with the old drivers, they are very unstable with Windows 10 and not worth going back to. Does Intel know about this problem and working with Stardock to fix? Below is what I got back from Stardock:


      There is an issue with their new video drivers from Intel. If you install this earlier version, it was the last to work:


      If the installation of those drivers are restricted, you can use this to manually install them:


      Please let us know if you should have any further questions/concerns.

      Brad Ather

      Customer Care




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