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        Christopher Peters

        If you are already on a Xeon class machine ... I would personally recommend you stick with a intel xeon CPU as you will not lose any functionality (reliability and performance) from what you've been experiencing.


        I believe the ML330 is a 1 socket server (one processor) and 4 years ago that processor would have one core



        I'm having trouble finding the "Intel Pentium IV 2.4 Dual Core Xeon 1066" .. it could be the P8600 Core 2 Duo (dual-core) that runs 1066MHz bus speed but without more information it will be hard to tell.



        For comparing the 5130 and E5335. Both of these CPUs are capable of running in 1 or 2 socket servers so you have headroom you can't get in a 1 socket server. The quad core (E5335) is a better bang for buck than dual-core for most standard applications. Intel lists them at the same price per CPU so you effectively get QC headroom at comparable costs (all other things being equal)



        Another option is the latest 45nm quad core intel xeon's. The Xeon E5420 is a quad-core xeon processor running 2.5GHz (500MHz higher than E5335, same 1333 Mhz FSB) and should be available from the OEMs without an additional CPU premium (over E5335) and will give about a 20% boost in performance over the E5335 and up to 2x the dual core xeon 5130 depending on apps you are running.



        Here is a whitepaper to help you assess options for a generic small business environment comparing multiple workloads on both 1 socket and 2 socket servers done by a 3rd party lab (Principle Technologies)







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          Thanks Chris

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            Chris: I di some further research and it looks like the third unit is the Xeon 3060 processor.









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              The HSC (Hot Swap Controller) FW is part of the HDD backplane, so you’d only need to do an update if you were using one of the backplanes that works with the SC5400 chassis. Intel does not put the HSC FW in the BIOS/BMC/FRUSDR package because not all folks who by the boards use the SC5400 Chassis. 


              Instructions are provided in the BIOS package for updating the BIOS, BMC and FRUSDR’s. 


              The latest HSC FW update and readme file is located here: HSC FW Update


              Technical information such as the Technical Product Specification for the chassis can be found here


              You will probably also want the TPS for the board found here: Technical Product Spec


              Thanks for your question, hope this was helpful.

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                Please find the Supported Intel Motherboads for Q9450:






                Supported Intel Motherboads for Q6600:






                Supported Intel Motherboads for E8400:






                I hope it helps,






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                  The main differences between QX9650 and E8400 are as follows:



                  The Intel® CoreTM2 Extreme Processor QX9650 is a Quad Core processor whereas Intel® CoreTM2 Duo Desktop Processor E8400 is Dual Core.



                  The Thermal Design Power of QX9650 CPU is 130W whereas for E8400 CPU it is just 65W.



                  The Thermal Specification of QX9650 is 64.5°C and for E8400 it is 72.4°C.



                  QX9650 is designed to enable energy-efficiency so you can maximize your performance. So, I think QX9650 is better option than E8400.



                  I hope it will be useful.



                  Thank you.



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                    Christopher Peters


                    Jim, I not able to give you a firm recommendation on one solution versus another (I'm not a system designer).  However, let me leave you with some thoughts to help you make a decision.


                    • If you are doing basic desktop activities (HDTv, music management, etc) for personal use, then i would stay desktop based - server is overkill.

                    • If you are doing these same activities and either streaming applications or centrally co-locating applications for other systems to use, then you should consider a server.

                    • If you are using the system for multiple purposes (ie. running software typically intended for both desktop and servers), then I would lean towards a server


                    If considering a server .. the Xeon 3300 (1 socket) or Xeon 5400 (2 socket) servers feature the latest technology and biggest bang for your buck. The bigger the task - the larger the memory, I/O and compute power you will need - these factors will guide you toward the 2 socket servers (5400) depending on how you want to trade off capabiilty, performance and headroom for growth.












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                      I have a new laptop, the Compaq 8510w. I have yet to configure AMT on it. I have managed to locate the password, "admin", but for some reason it continually rejects whatever I try to change the password to. How do I fix this problem so I can configure AMT?

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                        It may be an issue of not having a strong password.  Check out the Strong Password rules.  http://softwareblogs.intel.com/2007/11/08/strong-amt-me-passwords-and-other-shades-of-gray/

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                          I would recommend you start with a Intel(r) Xeon(r) processor 5400 series.  Which processor model you pick depends on your budget, but I would start with at least with  2GHz model (E5405).  More processor performance will obviously give you better rendering performance.  See: http://www.intel.com/performance/workstation/xeon/dcc.htm  As far as motherboards, are your looking to build your own or purchase an already built system?  If you are looking to build your own, look for Xeon motherboards vendor such as Tyan, Supermicro, Gigabyte, or MSI.  Make sure these motheboards have the Intel 5400 chipset and x16 PCI Express Gen2 graphics slots for longevity.    If you are looking for a already built system, check Dell, HP, or Lenovo Intel Xeon based workstations.  I'd personally go for a already built system.  These vendors will give a range of choices on graphics cards depending also on your budget.  I believe the Quadro FX1600 is a old model, you should look to purchase a card to support DirecX10 such a the Quadro FX370 or FX570 (entry models) or FX1700 (mid-range model).

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                            In general you want a balanced PC.  A mix of good processor performance and graphics performance.   In general if you take a low end processor and pair it with a high end graphics card,  you will not get the most performance advantage for your system.   The choice of processor Core 2 Duo, Extreme, or Quad depends on the type of user you are and your budget.    If you are gamer, look for Extreme processors.  If you are more of a mainstream user, I would choose a Core 2 Duo or a Core 2 Quad.  I would personally go for the Core 2 Quad because it will give you other performance advantages besides graphics such as in multi-tasking environments, media encoding, digital content creation, rendering, etc.

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                              hi, Im using SMS Add-on and HTTP Digest Authentication to connect and advertise programs for AMT Systems(3.0 and 2.5). Im using SMS 2003 SP3.


                              I can wakeup the wks using the "Power Control Operatios" but when i send a package the machine dont wake-up. In the SMS2003 log, i receive the message below:


                              "Execution failed. HPSYSTEM ( (Operation #39): Intel(R) AMT Power Control Operation. (System does not support requested Power Control option)."


                              "Execution failed. INTEL-PC (fe80::1cb3:dfee:1f7e:a459) (Operation #536): Intel(R) AMT Power Control Operation. (System does not support requested Power Control option)."



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                                I'd like to configure teaming with the Intel Pro/1000 PT dual port server adapter on windows server 2008.

                                I have installed the proset, and in the properties of the adapter in the tab teaming I get this message:


                                "this adapter is configured for an intel iscsi remote boot image. you cannot use this adapter in a team".


                                How can I disable that so I can configure teaming? We are not using iscsi on this server.

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                                  With a DQ35JO motherboard, a Core 2 Quad processor and Vista Ultimate 64 bit, I was getting a Vista performance rating of 3.3, which was the rating for the 3D Business and gaming performance part of the performance test. I just installed the most recent Intel Graphics Media Accelerator update from the Intel website, and the Vista performance rating DROPPED to 3.2. This is supposed to be a graphics media accelerator, not a graphics media decelerator! What can I do to improve the system performance? Currently, the processor rating is 5.9, the RAM is 5.7, the graphics is 4.1, the Gaming graphics is 3.2 (was 3.3), and the primary HD is 5.9. Also, do you have compatibility lists for multimedia graphics cards for TV and media devices?

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                                    I work on a zeon 5160 chip workstation running Autocad & Cadworx. All of my work is 3D and my models are pretty big. My question is this, to best run Autocad, was the zeon chip the right chip or do i need to upgrade to a different chip. right now my grafics card is the PNY Nivida FX3500.









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