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    How do I set up dual monitors with Intel HD 4600 graphics card and different cables?


      I have two monitors that are not the same. One is a Dell s2340l with a VGA >> VGA cable and the other is an HP LP2065 which has two ports and I have the following cables attached to it: DVI-VGA and DVI-DVI.


      I just got a One HD15 M to Two HD15 F SXGA Monitor Y-Cable (see example: B&H Photo Video) with the intent to connect dual monitors in the following way:


      Dell monitor: VGA:VGA cable > VGA splitter

      HP monitor: DVI:VGA cable > VGA splitter


      and then the VGA splitter goes in to the back of my Intel HD 4600 graphics card in a VGA port. so it is essentially all VGA except for the port in the back of the HD monitor.


      When I plug each in individually to the Intel HD 4600 card port the monitor is recognized in the Device Manager (this is Windows 10).


      However, when I connect them all to the VGA splitter and connect to the Intel HD 4600 graphics card VGA port my device manager does not recognize dual monitors and just displays 'generic P2P monitor' in the device manager.


      Please advice.