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    Intel D975XBX support PCIe 2.0 GFX?


      Hi, I have the specified Mainboard, the first xbx in Revision 3.04, with latest BIOS. I want to upgrade my GFX and I wonder if a PCIe 2.0 Graphicscard works properly? The Documentation say: PCIe 1.0a Slots, but all new GFX Cards only available in PCIe 2.0! I tried to find an answer if it works but get totally different opinions: some people say "no problem, works fine" others say: "no way, only PCIe 1.1 is fully compatibel". Did someone test a combination like mine or have seen this combination working?


      my prefered new GFX is the ZOTAC GeForce GTS 250 AMP! Link: http://www.zotacusa.com/amp-geforce-gts-250-1gb-256-bit-gddr3-750mhz-2300mhz-zt-20102-10p.html





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          I have the D975xbx with an early revision 3.02 and had been using the earliest bios which should have been 354. I have been using an ATI HD3650 for awhile now with no problems. The website says it is PCIe 2.0x16. Now whether the card is fully utilized i do not know. But I have used a Sapphire ATI HD3650 512mb card with no problems as well as a Gigabyte ATI HD4650 1GB with no problems.


          My computer also posted with a GeForce 8300 GS in the PCI express slot. But i don't know the specifications for that video card as i just pulled it from a dell computer to try and diagnose a different problem.


          Hope that helps.


          So as far as compatability, you should be fine using a PCIe 2.0x16 video card.

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            thanks! thats really helps, I will buy my new card soon :-) in the case that it won't work, I will post it here!






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