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    Intel Xeon processor


      What is the different between Intel Xeon Quad Core & Intel Xeon Dual?

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          Hi there.


          In general, quad cores are for more demanding processing power. Definitely quad cores will performed better than the dual cores. It's almost similar to the desktop dual cores and quad cores.


          To find the difference, based on the specific processors that you want to know more you have to compare the processors.

          Quad cores have better bandwidth 1066, 1333 or higher and also greater cache upto 12MB (some even 16MB).


          Refer to this online tool and put the specific processor that you want to compare and you will have the details: http://ark.intel.com/


          This link might also be useful: http://www.intel.com/business/xeon/index.htm


          Hope this is helpful.



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            Thanks unplugged_24. Your feedback is much valuable and make me clearer about "Xeon processor". Beside that, I got other questions which:

            1) What is the different between Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Dual?

            2) I got 2 processor specs below. Please let me know which perform will be faster & better and why.

            - Intel Xeon Quad Core Processor W3520 (8MB Cache, 2.66GHz 4.80GT/s Intel @ QPI)

            - Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q9650 (12MB Cache, 3.0GHz 1333MHz FSB)

            3) What is the different between FSB and QPI. Example: 4.80GT/s Intel @ QPI & 1333MHz FSB.

            I look forward your respond. I appreciated on your valuable support. Thanks a lot. Cheer!