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    problem with VGA port HD 4400


      I have a Lenovo z50-70 laptop with an Intel HD 4400 and an nvidia 820M.

      the CPU is an i7 4510U @ 2.60GHz and 16GB of RAM, and my OS is Windows 10 Home 64bit.


      I am experiencing problems when I plug in an external monitor via the VGA port on the laptop.

      the monitor will constantly flicker on and off every 2-15 seconds. this does not happen when a

      screen is plugged in through HDMI. I have tried with several different screens and it is always

      the same, the screen will flicker off and on when connected to the VGA port.


      I have tried updating both the drivers for the geforce 820M and the drivers for the intel 4400 and the problem persists

      (I tried the latest version as well as the recent beta version).

      I ended up downgrading the drivers to the version currently offered for the laptop on the lenovo website


      but the problem remains. is there any way to fix this, or do I have to wait until this is addressed in a possible driver update?


      EDIT: in case it isn't clear in the post, the monitor that flickers is the external monitor plugged in via VGA port. the laptop's display

      has no problems whatsoever.


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