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    Local Control Panel compatability(reuse)


      I have a SV-AS Intel Local ControlPanel (AXXLCPRACK, version C73060-001). I was curious how to use in other systems. I have found documentation that gives the pinouts of the 50-pin connector, and the 10-pin USB header. But what would I need to hook up to if it is not going in a Dell? Can I get there from here? Or just toss it?


      I hope to combine this with a new Asus (server) board. Like the Z10PE-D16. If it helps.


      Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you


      Documentation I found:

      LCP Technical Product Specification: http://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/motherboards/server/sb/c96442003_lcp_tps_r1_2.pdf

      Firmware: Download Intel® Local Control Panel Firmware Update for DOS and Download Intel® Local Control Panel Screen Menu Update Utility for DOS


      Also, though not a huge deal, I cannot seem to find the Intel® Local Control Panel Customization Kit utility (ILCPCK.EXE) or Intel FWPIAUPD.EXE firmware update utility.