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    I7 6700k random freezes while video playing / gaming




      Firstly, I will describe my configuration :


      - i7 6700k (stock speed)

      - ASUS Z170 Deluxe (Bios : 1702, latest version available on ASUS website)

      - Crucial DDR4 16GB (2*8) 2666 Mhz (Reference : BLT2C8G4D26AFTA)

      - MSI GTX 980Ti Gaming 6gb (stock speed)

      - SSD 512GB Samsung 850 Pro Series


      At random moments i'm experiencing system freezes, screen is locked up, sounds volume goes crazy but no BSOD. I seen a lot of posts on forums about people with similar issues. I tried a lot of things that i read on these posts :


      - Disable Fast boot

      - Disable CPU Cstate

      - Update drivers with newest versions found on ASUS Website

      - Update GPU drivers with clean installation

      - Enable/Disable XMP

      - Memtest for several hours : no error

      - CPU/GPU burner, no freeze so this is not an issue with temperature

      - Checking my SSD

      - Disable Hybrid sleep / hibernate sleep


      These freezes are randoms. Sometimes 4 days with nothing and sometimes 2 freezes the same day. They can happend when i'm playing games, playing videos or just on YouTube. I tried to fix this issue for months and i don't know what I can do now.


      I upload some screens from CPUZ and HWInfo


      Thanks in advance for any advices