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    Edison Serial number - naming scheme / syntax?


      Hello, we were trying to find some clarification on the syntax Intel is using on the Serial Numbers for the Intel Edison.  We are considering using these serial numbers rather than generating our own, but in the perfect world we would have a shorter number.


      For example the serial numbers printed on the box, and available on the device at /factory/serial_number seem to be in this format:




      FZEDA545D0106D501  (this is a model purchased more recently than the above #)


      In all cases, it seems the "FZED" is common and the last 3 digits "501" are common.  Is it same to assume these will always be common?


      The remaining unique digits, "A545D0106D" -- are these incremented serially as the Edisons are produced?  I assume these are not randomly generated IDs and instead are only used once.

      Thanks for the clarification!