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    Need help with AMT


      Below are the primary queries from our side:






      1>      Is user name and password is required during reading and writing



      data from 3PDS?



      2>      Is it possible to configure AMT machine remotely?



      3>      Is there any tool that can be used to read the data from 3PDS?



      4>      If there are N number of machines then we require to remember N



      username-password pairs, How this problem is resolved in actual environment?



      5>      In enterprise mode, Is it compulsory to use security certificate?



      6>      Is it possible for a application to create two blocks having same name?



      7>      What are the best use of AMT for AntiVirus Softwares?



      8>      I think there is no backward compatibility for APIs(SDK 3.0 & 4.0),



      How we can manage it?



      9>      Discovery of AMT device on N/W is very time consuming, How can we



      optimize it?



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          1. You will need to authenticate with the vPro client if trying to access the 3PDS remotely.

          2. Yes, you can configure AMT machines remotely using PKI Remote Configuration certificates:  Please reference the following blog

          3. Depends on the use case you are looking for.  Can you be more specific?

          4. This really depends if you are using digest or Kerberos accounts.  If you are using Kerberos authentication, this is easily managed

          5. vPro can support Enterprise mode in a TLS (certificate based) or Non-TLS (not certificate based) configuration.  Requirement is dependent on a combination of  ISV and end users choice.

          6. Can you elaborate your questions?  I'm lead to believe this is related to 3PDS?

          7. There are a variety of potential use cases; however, it dependant on the Anti-virus ISV to take advantage of them.  A couple of examples could be to leveraging system defense to pull OS off the network if infected or remote remediate boot environment and using SOL/IDER.  Imagination is the limit.

          8. There is backward compatibility; however, it is dependent on the ISV to leverage the correct ones as new technology is introduced.

          9. Discovery is only one mechanism.  You can also leverage the PKI / PSK provisioning hello packages or Detection through a Client Agent.


          --Matt Royer



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