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    NUC5i3RYH 2.5-inch SSD not bootable (m.2 works)


      Been at this for the past 4 days and have just about given up.


      BIOS detects SSD drives, but not as bootable.

      I've tried everything I could find:

      • ANY and ALL BIOS settings
      • updated BIOS (the current 355, Edit1: and also downgraded to 249 and even 246)
      • 2x8GB or 1x8GB Kingston HyperX Impact.
      • tested with various SSDs: INTEL 530, SAMSUNG 850 EVO and OCZ Vertex 2.
      • tried switching between GPT and MBR (prepartioned, preformatted, and totally cleaned too of course)
      • even Swapped original SATA cable with my own (there was a thread about switched cables...)
      • Temps are monitored. All OK.


      Same story all around. eg: when trying to install windows it always returns an error about the drive not being bootable.

      I've tried about 15 different /USB flash drive/Windows version/Rufus settings/ combinations. Even with external USB DVD drive with a original windows DVD.

      Linux setup was basically the same.

      Btw, any UEFI boot USB flash drive I made, it did not boot. Nothing on UEFI worked so far.


      I also have an D3401WYKH. The same drives are working there without any problems. However they are detected as LEGACY BOOT and not as UEFI. This is switched in the i3RYH - the drives are detected only as UEFI (no matter the BIOS setting).


      I don't have an m.2 drive available ATM. Also I did not downgrade BIOS to any specific version.

      Edit1: I downgraded to 249 but nothing changed, the SSDs remain unbootable:

      Same windows setup error:

      "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu."


      As I said, I've just about given up on this NUC... any help/idea would be appriciated.


      Edit2: Partial success!

      Did some random tests and at BIOS v246, INTEL SSD 530, UEFI disabled (legacy only), I struck gold. I am able to install windows 10. No such luck with other combinations I've tried. It certainly does not work with OCZ or SAMSUNG drives.


      Edit3: Spoke too soon. After the windows setup was finished, it did not boot from the drive. Furthermore, windows setup now says the drive is not bootable. Did not change a thing.
      Back to square one.


      Edit4: I got my hands on a SAMSUNG 256GB m.2 SSD. It booted fine. So m.2 works. 2.5-inch does not. Still looking for a solution...