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    Problems Dell X Intel processor I5 - I7


      I bought a Dell machine inspirion I7, i had several problems as wifi noting working, keyboard unresponsive, sleep mode frozen the machine, Bluetooth doens't work and display driver frozen all the time. Dell sent me a second machine. They said it was a I7 processor wasnt work well. I made a downgrade to I5 and it came with the same problems.....someone know about issues with processors? Dell told me they can't fix my problems because this is  a problems with the processor Intel  and win 10........

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          Tank you  for your answer. the first machine with I7 processor they sent me a dell guy and they changed my motherboard, keyboard. They made my  Wifi work but no my Bluetooth after updated the drivers. then Dell said that was the I7 processor problem and send me a I5 with the same problems (no wifi, Bluetooth), after update all drivers they said it was a problems between Intel processor, win 10, not hardware....I have 2 "new machines", 1 I7 and 1 I5 , still have problems with sleep mode, Bluetooth and display driver and Dell says they don't have any solution .........it's unbelievable!!!!!!!