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    Memory Management BSoD with 5820K (Win10)


      I bought a computer last December and it has an MSI X99A Raider Motherboard with a 5820K and 32 GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM 2400 DDR4 (1033Mhz, auto-clocked) running on Windows 10 Pro (current public build)  I also have an MSI GeForce 980Ti Seahawk 6 GB GPU.  All of my drivers are up to date.


      I'm not sure what is going on as I keep getting generic 0x1A Memory_Management errors last one was generated by ntoskrnl.exe.  Did some searches first time I saw it (about 2 months ago) after the first time I saw it (happened while I was updating a few games at the same time).  I have updated my drivers since then and have been receiving the same BSoD every once in a while.  I received it today when I ran sic.exe /verifyonly which I thought was strange because that single task is not that rough on computers.


      As an aside I bought an Intel Tuning Protection Plan and started messing around with my clock speeds (after the first blue screen) and was only able to get the processor up to 4.0 Ghz with a stable overclock.  I was able to get it to 4.2 but was sitting right on the thermal limit so I backed it off to an even 4, I have noticed that others were able to get it to 4.5 so I'm wondering if it may have a design flaw that is affecting the memory bandwidth.  I have run a few memory tests on it, one from memtest x86 and another from Windows Memory Diagnostic but both have come back clean.  I also tried stress testing my cpu to see if I couldn't cause a fault but it passed running for 15 minutes with a thermal maximum of 56C.

      I have not tested using a single RAM stick but I'm going to try each one to see if I have any faults.

      I have also not tested the motherboard and plan to get in touch with MSI regarding this issue.

      If anyone could give me some help on this and steps I should take to make sure everything is tested it would be much appreciated.  I do not have another Windows computer to do a part exchange with for testing.

      If this is a processor issue, how does the RMA process work.