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    Three external monitors to laptop with W7 32 bit


      Lenovo T430 laptop with Windows 7 32 bit has 3 external monitors attached (DVI, VGA, mini display port).  With laptop screen closed, only two of the external monitors receive display at any time; connecting a third monitor does not receive display signal.  Each monitor individually works fine.  I want to duplicate one monitor to laptop and extend display on the other two monitors.

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          I assume you have the Intel® HD Graphics 4000.


          This information is straight from the Configuration 3-Displays FAQ page. For the Intel HD 4000 to actually support the three independent display configurations, the following criteria need to be met:


          If two of the displays are DisplayPort* monitors

          If one of the displays is an Intel® Wireless Display (Intel® WiDi)

          If the built-in display is an Embedded DisplayPort1 (eDP) not a LVDS


          Configuration 3 Displays FAQ for Graphics Drivers


          The above information shows the three configurations needed to get the three displays. It is not recommendable to use video adapters or convertors.


          Another good step is to confirm with the computer system manufacturer if your computer can run the 3 displays configuration because sometimes the system manufacturers set limitations on the units.


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