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    Intel HD Graphics Driver doesn't support EDID overrides (overscan problems)


      The topic title pretty much sums it up... Many monitors don't provide the correct EDID information to the display adapter and so the image appears shifted, under/overscanned and frequently with incorrect colors.

      Microsoft has provided the option to create a custom .inf driver and specify the EDID_OVERRIDE key in the registry. As such the problem can be solved by providing your own EDID. This fix works well both for AMD and NVIDIA cards because it solves the problem on the monitor driver level.

      But this is not true for Intel HD Graphics. No matter how hard I tried the Intel Driver refuses to accept the EDID_OVERRIDE of the monitor driver and insists on recognizing the display as "Digital Television" and not a simple monitor. As such the image appears distorted/shifted and greenish. The monitor is LG L245WPM and works both with AMD and NVIDIA graphics as well.

      My questions are:

      1) Why Intel still hasn't addressed this problem

      2) Why the Intel driver ignores the overriden EDID for the monitor driver

      3) Is there any plan to include such a fix in a future driver or can it be addressed by a registry tweak that escapes me?