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    Intel HD graphics 4400


      So I recently bought Lenovo Ideapad B50-70.


      I wanted cheap laptop with nice CPU, for around 500$ I couldn't get anything better than i3.


      The problem with this laptop is low gaming. And what I mean by this is that I occasionally play really old games that I like from my childhood. Those are: Pes 2010 and Wow Wrath of lich king.


      Games run fine on moderate level but one thing is bugging me - games get blurry. If anything moves little bit too fast it gets blurry. Like if I do long pass in Pes 2010 or shoot for goal, ball gets extremely blurry. In wow if I move around camera environment gets really blurry too. Is this normal for this video card? I thought I wouldn't have any problems with such an outdated games, they came out 7 years ago :/


      My old Asus laptop that used AMD Radeon® HD 6310 had no such problems and everything was fine. Before I bought this laptop I searched on the web both of them and Intel 4400 seemed to overpower AMD in more than one ways. So why am I having this kind of problem?


      I know I have latest driver.


      Or is this just the way this integrated card functions?