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    i5-4670k only one core working


      Title says it all, I have checked everything else to conclude that CPU doesn't BSOD upon loading windows with only one core working. I have tried different CPU and it worked like a charm, so it's neither else of my components. My CPU is delidded, so it doesn't have any warranty anymore, but delidding didn't cause this ( I delidded more than a year ago and ). I didn't use any crazy volts for my OC ( 1.45v ). My components:

      • CPU


      • Motherboard

          Asus Maximus VI Gene 

      • RAM

          1x8Gb Crucial ballistix tactical tracer 

      • GPU

          Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming 

      • Case

          Zalman Z3 

      • Storage

          Kingston v300 60Gb WD Red 1Tb 

      • PSU

          In win commander III 600w 

      • Display(s)

          Benq GL2460 

      • Cooling

          corsair H60 

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