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    i7 3610 QM suddenly 100% thermal throttling for hours even by normal temperature




      English is not my mother language, sorry for mistakes.


      My 2 years old ASUS Laptop worked properly. The Turbo Boost activated when he had to (specially by games) and didnt when not. But since ~18.10.2015 suddenly I have big problems with it:


      - 100% thermal throttling (for hours) even when the core temperature are alright (~50°C)

      - TurboBoost without reasons (browsing, YT Videos or even when i do absolutly nothing)

      - both points above are switching in highpower energy mode, in balanced it has no real schema, its turbo boost and 100% throttling changing the whole time.

      - Games, which worked perfectly for nearly two years, are not playable anymore


      I used the Intel softwares Extreme Tuning Utility, argus monitor, coretemp and realtemp showing me the same results.


      My System:


      --- image deleted ---


      What i have done already:

      - let clean the fan

      - new thermally conductive paste (not selfmade)

      - BIOS Update (not selfmade)

      - NVIDIA Updates

      - tried HD Intel 4000 upgrade, but Intel HP isnt possible, only over ASUS HP and there were no update

      - windows updates

      - ccleaner

      - system cleaning up (this official windows function, dont know english name of it)


      Where could be the problem?


      Im already very very very frustrated. Could it be also a hardware defect? On the weekend when it started suddenly I transported it, so maybe it got a little hit or something?


      Yours sincerely