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    Intel HD Graphics: "This profile cannot be applied with the current system configuration"


      How do I fix this? Basically: every time Windows 8.1 automatically changes my screen resolution (eg: full screen games) it changes it to 59hz.


      So I have intel profiles saved with 60hz that I use to change my resolution beforehand and prevent this.


      But the problem: I have a 1280x720 profile saved, and when I select it I get that error message, "This profile cannot be applied with the current system configuration", which I assume is because my native resolution is 1920x1080.


      The annoying workaround: switch to 1280x720 in Windows, and THEN select the profile to switch to 60hz (which now works). But this is many many more clicks. The point of profiles is to change resolution with less clicks, right? So how do I force my 720p intel profile to work?


      (OR: how the **** do I prevent Windows from using 59hz in the first place? By some fluke I managed to figure this out in the past and had 60hz sticking all the time, but my game just crashed and killed my screen, and now it's using 59hz all the time again unless I preemptively switch resolutions before I load the game)