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    Shutdown and Power On - hardware buttons for Galileo Gen 2


      Hi community.


      It is fairly straightforward to monitor a pin and issue a system call to shutdown the Galileo Gen 2.  I can see the board powers off completely.  That's great. 


      How would I power up the board again without unplugging and plugging power? (I have the POE module installed).  I can see the Edison breakout board has a power switch connect to the Quark PWRBTN, but can't see where I can get to that on my Galileo.  Admittedly, I haven't tried pressing the reset button (don't have the board handy at the moment).


      Would love to be able to do this. One outcome would be knowing how to power back up the device (ie if battery voltage charged to appropriate level, I could have an external circuit drive the PWRBTN line low to power on the device.


      Your assistance is appreciated.  Thanks for your time in advance.