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    Multiple Android to Edison connections using SPP-loopback.py


      I am trying to connect several android phones to one Edison board. The steps I do so far are:

      1- run SPP-loopback.py on the Edison board

      2- run Bluetooth application on Android phone


      This works well and data is loop back if one phone is connected. However, when multiple phones connect, data can be sent from the phone to the Edison, however it is not loopback and does not appear on the Edison side until the first connection is closed. An example output is shown below:


      root@oldedison:~# python SPP-loopback.py

      NewConnection(/org/bluez/hci0/dev_60_AF_6D_50_3D_A8, 10)

      received: hi1

      all done

      NewConnection(/org/bluez/hci0/dev_74_45_8A_30_5B_43, 11)

      received: hi there

      received: hi2

      all done


      My question is can I display both connections output at the same time without closing the first one? Does this happen due to the fact that both connections have the same UUID?


      Thank you;

      Rana Helal