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    Realsense F200 Unstable. Unable to keep it working on current drivers


      Recently Acquired an F200 to start looking at a little development and Windows Hello. Its involved three days of headaches and pain so far.


      I have an Asus Rampage IV Black and an i7-4820K, running 64GB of RAM and Windows 10, Pro Build 10565 on the insider program. The F200 is plugged directly into a motherboard USB3.0 port, although I have tried it as the sole device in a USB3.0 hub to see if the problem was power related, but no bananas.


      Basically, If I strip the DCM, SDK and uninstall the drivers, disconnect and reboot, I can get it to come back up and if I catch it before it automatically grabs the latest drivers from online, I can get about 5-6 seconds of stability, before the f200 seems to hang, the device disconnects with a USB unplugged alert, the camera lights go and then it all comes back and starts up. It won't respond, but its there in Device manager again. If I reboot DCM, I might be able to get a picture out of it but the 'Depth' stuff never seems to work again, unless I reboot. Then I can get a few seconds of use, before it will tank and we start the dance again.


      I've tried 2-3 different driver versions, but not had much consistent luck with any of them. Currently Depth has the driver, from 15/10/2015. RGB is the Microsoft, dated 21/06/2006 and the virtual driver is coming up as Intel, dated 18/06/2015.


      I've only installed the 'release', but the newer drivers seem to be getting pushed down to Windows Insiders on the Fast ring.


      I just want to get this working so I can test/vet Hello for a customer...