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    AC 7260 h/w not bound to driver


      My group just purchased several NuCs in addition to what we are already using.  We're trying to add Wireless AC 7260 network cards to NuCs that don't have them.  After installing driver and PROset software, we're able to run diagnostics.  We get the above error.


      Additional) If I uninstall the device's driver, then reinstall it (w/o rebooting), I am able to enable or disable the device (bars change from gray to green/etc).  If I reboot, that ability goes away and it just states "enabling".  Regardless, it does not connect to either of two wireless signals detected AND Diagnostics reports h/w not bound to driver.  Driver shows everything is working.  I've uninstalled, rebooted, re-installed drivers including several older versions several times.  No difference.  I've also tried a second newly purchased NIC, no difference.  We're running under 64 bit Windows 7.