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    S1200v3rp Raid 1 setup with two partitioned 2TB Hard Drives


      We typically use a simple RAID 1 configuration with 2 hard driives, and a System/Data partition, with the obvious goal of being able to continue operating if one drive fails.  Our latest system shows two RAID Arrays:  Partition 1 (System) was created (Array 00), and then the RAID configured, and then Partition 2 (Data/Shares) was created and this became Array 1. Disk Management shows a Disk 0 (500GB) and a Disk 1 (1.5TB), so Windows Server thinks that the partitioned drive is actually two separate disks.  If this is a good way to configure the system I'd like to know; remember our only goal is to have redundancy in the event of a single hard drive failure.  If not I'd like to know about it before it goes into production.  Thx in advance!